Possessing graphic designer's formation in the disciplines of marketing and communication and working in this domain since 1985, Anton Parks also specialized in the cultures of the Old Orient since the years 2000s. As such, he is the author of the series “The Chronicles of the Gìrkù” that retraces under the shape of a narration and a meticulous work of research, the origins of the humanity through the look of the gods of our mythologies. Anton Parks is also the author of the book “The Virgin's Testament”, an essay where he reveals the Egyptian sources of the New Testament and where he develops a new theory on the hydroelectric and electromagnetic functioning of the Great Pyramid of Gizeh.

Anton Parks is also the creator of a revolutionary thesis on the coding of the Sumerian language - study exposed in his series of the Chronicles where is also retraced the process that drove him to these new discoveries. At the end of 2005, he was approached by the team of Marcello G. Martorelli and Steve Currey in order to be a member of the expedition towards the North Pole as specialized linguist of the Gina'abul language (Proto-Sumerian); expedition failed because of the premature disappearance of Steve Currey.